In our psychotherapy sessions and workshops, we provide a lot of resources to help people develop skills through CBT, ACT, and mindfulness. Here's a sample of some of the materials that we commonly use.


Thought Record - One of the hallmark techniques of cognitive therapy, this exercise invites you to examine your thoughts as hypotheses. Considering all of the facts, what can you actually say is true? Typically, it's not what your mind initially suggested...


Values Exploration Worksheet - Here's a list of personal values that can give meaning to your life. Which ones are most important to you?

Mindfulness Handouts

Mindfulness + Difficult Emotions: Helping Yourself and Your Child - Addressing the tumultuous emotions following the presidential election, Dr. Kaplan and Dr. Anders have been leading workshops in Brooklyn schools to help parents, teachers, and children constructively manage their feelings. This handout reviews many helpful strategies. 

Mindfulness Recordings

The first two recordings were made in sessions, so please excuse the lack of professional mixing and sound editing. Typically, when we train people to practice mindfulness, we provide them with personalized recordings.

The third and fourth recordings were done professionally. We're in the process of providing more professionally mixed meditations. If you sign-up for our newsletter, you'll receive notifications of these new meditations.


For our colleagues in the Academy of Cognitive Therapy

Teaching Meditation - Based on listserv requests, we're making available a handout on leading meditations.  Dr. Kaplan developed these guidelines in 2004, when he was supervising interns at Ohio University in how to guide meditations.  We hope that they are helpful to our colleagues and the patients under their care.